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Forza Security Services is a new player in the Security Industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Forza aims to change the landscape of security services in Trinidad and Tobago by adhering to our motto that,” Our business is protecting yours.” 

Forza Security Services was established by our C.E.O., former Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Deodat Dulalchan. With over 39 years’ experience, Mr. Dulalchan has had the unique experience of managing the operations of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. During his tenure he successfully managed and oversaw the security protocols for a number of national events including General Elections, Carnival and various regional summits to name a few. 

Mr. Dulalchan is well qualified having been a graduate of the University of Cambridge where he pursued his Masters of Studies in Criminology and Police Management as well as a BA(Hons) in Business Management from the University if Sunderland. Over his 39 years Mr. Dulalchan has undertaken training at the highest international level and has also collaborated with international protective agencies such as the United States Department of Justice, the US Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security and Interpol.

In 2018 he served as the Gold Commander for Operation “Fused Response”, United States Southern Command Caribbean Defence Multi Agency Security Operations Training Exercise. Mr. Dulalchan is a dedicated and committed individual who is hands on and meticulous in his operational style. This work ethic was rewarded by 24 commendations he received over his years in the police service as well other awards that were presented to him by a number of other organizations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Working alongside Mr. Dulalchan is Mr. Deokaran Palloo, our Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Palloo is a retired Superintendent of Police with 38 years’ experience. Mr. Palloo is vastly experienced in the field of security and holds a Diploma in Security Administration and Management. Mr. Palloo has also taken part in training conducted by Penn State University as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

At Forza we are more than adequately equipped with the relevant training, experience and expertise to cater for every possible scenario as it relates to the security of our clients. Our employees are trained using evidence-based and best practice security techniques and procedures which are at international standard. 

At Forza we strive for excellence and we understand that customer service is a high priority to all our customers. We at Forza Security Services will work with our customers to foster a successful relationship. Our motto reinforces this commitment as we believe that the relationship we have with our customers is a symbiotic one in which the upliftment of our customers' businesses in turn is the upliftment of ours. 

We strive to ensure that our customers don't think of us as a commodity, but rather as a vital part of their business which can be entrusted with the security of themselves and their customers. This relationship can only be fostered with frequent communication. Therefore, at Forza our management will have an open door policy so that we can personalize our service to better meet our customers' needs. At Forza our management will ensure that our customers are contacted weekly to ensure that the quality of service we render is maintained. At Forza we believe in continuous improvement and with this high level of communication we can understand the individual needs of our customers better and be able to understand your risks and customize our strategies to improve our customers' businesses.

We also want our guards to be seen as part of your organization. We understand that security guards are normally the first people the public meet when visiting our customers' businesses and hence we will ensure that they represent not only Forza but also our customers. We at Forza put customer service as a priority when training our guards. We want our guards to foster a good relationship with our customers and their employees and work under the notion that they be proud of not only representing Forza but our clients’ businesses as well.

At Forza we want to stand out from others and therefore we stand by our motto that, “OUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTING YOURS’ “.




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